We are a coalition of like-minded people who encourage the development of a municipal Marina owned and operated by the Town of Collingwood.  Our membership is 1000+ registered members 70% are residents and taxpayers who recognize the benefits of a municipal marina and 10% own boats.  Please register today to add your name in support of positive change on the water-front.

In 2016, the Town will be developing a waterfront master plan. Our group will be engaged in the process of transforming the Port of Collingwood into an integrated residential, retail, commercial and recreational waterfront that residents and visitors alike can enjoy. 

We believe a key step to this transformation is the development of a municipal marina and boardwalk. The marina will increase public access to amenities on the waterfront, add new tourism opportunities and enhance the physical appearance of the harbour.

The marina will provide greater opportunities for the general public to experience recreational boating and other marine oriented activities. The municipal marina could serve as a catalyst for the future commercial development of the side launch area, such as a waterfront restaurant and bar. We will have an attraction that will be enjoyed by both residents and visitors and provide a connecting link to the downtown business area.

One of the benefits of operating a marina is that it can be economically self-sustaining. The income generated from a 100+ slip rental should be sufficient to complete the project. There would be no need for additional tax dollars. Please click here to add your name to the growing list of people who have joined our coalition.